We take the time to listen to your requirements before we propose a system that fits your business. We have great strength in flexibility of customising the ATM for your various marketing needs including advertisements and promotion events; We do manufacturer our ATMs managing design and certification processes in Australia.

atmInstallation – Free of Charge

Our free-standing ATMs have a small footprint so they take up the minimum amount of space and they will be securely installed using concrete anchors. Alternatively, if your business fronts onto a high traffic area then ‘through the wall ATM’ would work generating income 24/7 even outside your business hours. We will provide appropriate ATM signage such as A-frame stand or flags depensing your premise location and requirements to help your ATM get more recognition by customers.

trainingTraining – Free of Charge

If you do not know what to expect when buying your own ATM we provide the industry’s most comprehensive ATM ownership training program designed with reliability and profitability in mind.

repairRepairs – Free of Charge

We supply ATM repair services, providing parts and maintenance to merchants around Australia. Our skilled ATM service technicians are capable of servicing all makes and models of ATMs.

withdrawMobile ATM

From time to time we set up mobile ATMs at your event where the whole ATM operations are taken care of by us. Mobile ATM units are operated through wireless communications and the transactions are encryped for maximum security.